Must-know requirements to choose a web hosting provider for your website

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Must-know requirements to choose a web hosting provider for your website

If you want to start a website and/or blog, it is better to go with your own web hosting provider because you would be in total control of your website/blog. But before you choose a web hosting provider, always keep in mind to review the web hosting company that meets all of your requirements and needs.

The question is: How to choose a web hosting provider? Keep also in mind that a web hosting provider must meet all of your requirements. These are some important requirements that you should look for in a web hosting provider:

1. Know What You Want

Figure out what you want in a web host first. Do you want to have a prive website/blog or do you want one for your business?


2. The Cost

Always consider your budget before choosing a web hosting. Some web hosting providers would give you discount if you pay for 1 year (and more if you can pay for 2 years and so on). But remember, the cheapest is not always the best option because you have to consider some other requirements. Try BlueHost and Namecheap for the best prices and services.


3. Addon Domains

If you have multiple websites/blogs, get a web hosting that allows addon domains. In some cases you can add as many as 20 sites to your account without being charged.


4. Customer Support

A good web hosting provider should have online customer support because you would (should) like to receive an answer immediately and not after hours. The customer support should be able to handle all your technical needs as soon as possible.


5. cPanel

Having a Cpanel feature would save you a lot of trouble. If you want to install a blog platform, you can do it with a single click from the Cpanel.


6. Down time

Always look  for hosts that have low down time. It is very annoying if you want to access your site but you simply cannot login – especially if you have a business site because no-logging means no- sales.


7. Money Back Guarantee

In case that you want to change your mind later and decide to cancel a hosting service. Most good web hosting providers have 30 days or more money back guarantee.


8. Reviews

Always check some reviews about the web hosting company. Read the negative reviews and see if it is a recurring problem or if it is an isolated problem. You can get web host reviews on forums or on any search engine.

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