Top 10 marketing strategies for businesses with small budget

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Congratulations! you have your (small) business up and running. The first thing you should do is marketing your business in order to gain new clients. If you have a small budget then you should create an effective marketing strategy that … Read More

7 most essential items that your home office should definitely have

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Whether you work independently from your own home office or a (rental) office space, you must maintain your professional image. It doesn’t matter what kind of products you sell or services you provide, your clients expect you to be able … Read More

Working for yourself: What skills do you need to work independently?

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Whether you call it “freelancing” or “working independently” or “self-employment”, the basic question is: Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team? If you have decided to work independently for yourself, then what skills do you actually … Read More

Best FREE open source and web-based CRM that you should be using now

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Each business knows how important to manage your sales leads using Customer Relationship Management (CRM). There are so many CRM software systems to choose from but if you own a small business or if you are self-employed, it is an excellent … Read More

7 reasons why your business website should have a blog

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There have been a lot of discussions about whether a business website should or should not have a blog. Those who believe that a business website should not have a blog often use one simple argument: “I don’t have time … Read More

Essential Twitter Etiquette: 7 Dos And Don’ts for small businesses

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I have heard a lot from my fellow independents and other (small) business owners that they have no idea where to start with Twitter. “I just don’t know if or how to use Twitter for my business” has become a … Read More

Must-Have FREE online invoicing tools for your business

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If you have a small (home) business or do freelance work, you’ll have to find a convenient way to send invoices to your clients. Of course, you can keep track of all customer information in a spreadsheet, but you can … Read More

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