Essential Twitter Etiquette: 7 Dos And Don’ts for small businesses

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I have heard a lot from my fellow independents and other (small) business owners that they have no idea where to start with Twitter. “I just don’t know if or how to use Twitter for my business” has become a very familiar phrase.

Twitter has become a MUST HAVE when it comes to business nowadays but only having a Twitter account is simply not enough.

Twitter should be considered as one of your social media marketing instruments. The followings are the Essential Twitter Etiquette: 7 Dos And Don’ts for small businesses that you should know and learn.


1. Separate your professional and private Twitter account

If you have been using Twitter privately – to keep in touch with your friends and relatives – then you really should consider sign up a new account for your business. Things that you love to share with your friends and family are not necessary interesting nor relevant to your business purposes.

Unless you are very sure of the fact that you actually want your existing and potential customers to read all of tweets about your embarrasing private moments. Make your life easier and separate your professional @libelcom and your private @liabelle twitter’s accounts.


2. Be the real you

How many times have you seen a lot of strange usernames, weird photos and odd bios that come a long with them?

Fill out your business Twitter’s profile, such as (user)name, location, web, bio and photo correctly. After all, you are representing your own business, be professional and be real about it.


3. Be selective

Being populair is fun and having a lot of followers is great but please be selective with following back your followers.

Some of us might think that following back all of their followers is simply the right way to do it on Twitter. It isn’t! be selective with it because why should you follow all of your followers back if you know that some of them are not your target followers?


4. Be wise and keep it neutral

It’s very recommended to create a personal touch in your business tweets. Sometimes, you just want to share your thoughts on some political, social, cultural, gender and other hot issues on the media. Share them wisely and keep it neutral.

No doubt that we are all aware of the freedom of speech but do you really have to express your thoughts that might hurt or insult some of your existing and potential customers simply because they have different view on those issues?


5. Check and double check other profile

Twitter allows you to keep in touch with your existing cutomers and to approach your potential customers as well. Before you approach some potential customers, please check and double check their profile to find out who they are and what they do.

Do not embarrase yourself by offering services to those who offer the same services. Keep your business competitors close to monitor, learn and compare the services but do not insult them by giving them the impressions that you are simply better than they are.


6. Do not be obsessed

Being followed and following people are fun but make sure that you do not become obsessed with following people.

Approach people that you consider as potential customers with respect. No body wants to be approached too obsessively. Do not use Direct Messages too often because some people consider it as spam.


7. Win the crowd with your generosity

Twitter is a MUST HAVE but do not expect it to work for you effortlessly. It is all about networking and it means that you should work it in order to make it work for you.

Get involved with relevant subjects that your followers are tweeting/discussing about and better yet, be generous with sharing some How-To’s and Tips & Tricks that can be useful to both your existing and potential customers. Make yourself noticed in such a crowd by being generous.


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