Top 10 marketing strategies for businesses with small budget
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Congratulations! you have your (small) business up and running. The first thing you should do is marketing your business in order to gain new clients. If you have a small budget then you should create an effective marketing strategy that … Read More

7 reasons why your business website should have a blog
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There have been a lot of discussions about whether a business website should or should not have a blog. Those who believe that a business website should not have a blog often use one simple argument: “I don’t have time … Read More

How to master the art of influence in 7 simple steps
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Influence is the art of winning people’s cooperation when you do not have, or do not want to use, the authority to make them do what you want them to do. It involves shaping the way people feel and think. … Read More

8 Easy steps to prepare and give a great presentation
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Giving a great presentation requires a solid preparation. By establishing rapport with your audience, they become your partners in a dialog and your allies in your presentation. They will want you to succeed. They will want to overlook your nervousness … Read More

10 Essential tips to deliver a great public speaking
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We all know that the ability to give a public speech is one of the most valued business skills today. And yet most people report that giving a speech is their number one phobia. These are 10 essential tips to … Read More

A step-by-step guide on how to plan your oral proposals
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The Request for Proposal (RFP) spells out in detail much of what you need to know as you plan your oral presentation. If the RFP is unclear, vague, and/or contradictory, you may submit questions for clarification to the contracting officer. … Read More

10 Must-Know tips to improve your communication skills at work
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We all have people with whom we have to work to get things done. Our ability to communicate with clients, customers, subordinates, peers, and superiors can enhance our effectiveness or sabotage us. Many times, our verbal skills make the difference. The … Read More

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