Benefits, costs and reasons why you should use Google Apps for Work
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What is wrong with using – the free version of Google’s email service? Nothing. There is definitely nothing wrong with it. In fact, I for one, cannot imagine going through a day without using my Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Google+ … Read More

Top 10 Gmail Labs features that help increase your productivity
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As a business owner, you know that time is very essential. Especially when it comes to dealing with the large amounts of e-mail each and every day. Whether you use a Google Apps or typical account, you should increase … Read More

10 Free POP and IMAP services you should be using today
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“Have you checked your e-mails yet?“ It is a very common question you hear almost every day. E-mails services are offered mostly for free, but the question is: which one would you choose? Those e-mail services that are offered along … Read More

7 most essential items that your home office should definitely have
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Whether you work independently from your own home office or a (rental) office space, you must maintain your professional image. It doesn’t matter what kind of products you sell or services you provide, your clients expect you to be able … Read More

Working for yourself: What skills do you need to work independently?
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Whether you call it “freelancing” or “working independently” or “self-employment”, the basic question is: Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team? If you have decided to work independently for yourself, then what skills do you actually … Read More

Best FREE open source and web-based CRM that you should be using now
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Each business knows how important to manage your sales leads using Customer Relationship Management (CRM). There are so many CRM software systems to choose from but if you own a small business or if you are self-employed, it is an excellent … Read More

Must-Have FREE online invoicing tools for your business
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If you have a small (home) business or do freelance work, you’ll have to find a convenient way to send invoices to your clients. Of course, you can keep track of all customer information in a spreadsheet, but you can … Read More

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