As a business owner, you have obviously so much to do but you have rarely enough time to do it all. Start running your business instead of running in circles. Libelcom can help you achieve your business goals, manage the details of your inbound marketing and business productivity, so your business will grow faster and more profitable.

Libelcom provides inbound marketing services, including Social Media Management, Website/Blog ManagementContent Management and Business Productivity Management, as follows:

Social Media activities:

  • Strategy, planning and implementation.
  • Creating and maintaining social media accounts.
  • Creating and maintaining social media management tools.
  • Scheduling and updating social media feeds.
  • Creating and monitoring social media ads.
Social Media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Video: YouTube, Vine, Vimeo
  • HootSuite
Website/Blog activities:

  • Setting up WordPress website/blog.
  • Tweaking WordPress themes/templates.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Upgrading WordPress software.
  • Configuring and updating plugins.
  • Maintaining blog/web hosting.
  • Setting up and maintaining Google Webmaster and Feedburner.
  • Setting up and monitoring Google Analytics.
  • Setting up and managing Google My Business.
Website/Blog platforms:

Content activities:

  • Creating and updating content: text, images and videos.
  • Writing, editing and scheduling blog posts.
  • Writing and rewriting web pages.
  • Writing, editing and formatting white papers, guide or eBooks.
  • Writing, editing and scheduling email campaigns and newsletters.
  • Creating and monitoring online surveys and polls.
Content platforms:

Business Productivity activities:

  • Creating and maintaining productivity tools.
  • Calendar management: scheduling meetings and adding events.
  • Gmail/Google Drive setup and training.
  • G Suite setup and training.
  • Managing incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Business accommodation arrangements.
Business Productivity platforms:

Inbound marketing is an extremely effective marketing tool to build and increase your online presence, to communicate directly with your customers and prospects. It helps attract new customers, encourage customer’s loyalty and replace the expensive, traditional marketing tools.

  • Sharing expertise and establishing authority.
  • Humanizing and giving your business a voice.
  • Connecting and building a relationship with prospects.
  • Maintaining a relationship with clients and partners.
  • Generating publicity and increasing media relations.
  • A platform for new ideas, products or services.
  • Generating more traffic and SEO benefits.
  • Strengthening social media engagement.
  • Help increase creativity and productivity.
  • Inspiring to be more strategic in business.

Libelcom is here for you to help complete your inbound marketing needs efficiently, effectively and virtually. You will gain some extra time to really focus on leading your business to success.

  • Libelcom works remotely and virtually from home office and provides good, efficient and reliable inbound marketing services.
  • It is more cost-effective because you are not liable for Sick Pay, Holiday Pay and other employee costs.
  • You only pay for the billable hours of the services that you really need at affordable rates.
  • It will free up a lot of your valuable time, so you can get on with growing your business.

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