Your inbound marketing needs vary and they require customization but Libelcom keeps the rates very simple, clear and affordable. You can pay as you go and buy a set number of hours with a minimum of 5 hours (*). Alternatively, you can add on extra hours as much as you need. You can also get in contact with me, Lia Belle at Libelcom to discuss your specific business goals and needs.

Libelcom's Rates - Basic (Up to 15 hours)

1. Basic

  • Number of Hours: Up to 15 hours
  • Rate per Hour: $90.00 (**)
Libelcom's Rates - Plus (Between 16 - 30 hours)

2. Plus

  • Number of Hours: Between 16 – 30 hours
  • Rate per Hour: $85.00 (**)
Libelcom's Rates - Professional (Over 31 hours)

3. Professional

  • Number of Hours: Over 31 hours
  • Rate per Hour: $80.00 (**)

(*) Rates will be charged at minimum of five hours.
(**) All rates include VAT. Rate changes and errors reserved.